Heavenly: Quad's Acting Skills Have Gotten Much Better

Heavenly: Quad's Acting Skills Have Gotten Much Better

Heavenly questions Quad's sincerity when it comes to making up with Mariah.

I think as a group, we should focus on the positive. There are so many things we can do to help others. People look up to us. Even though we are not perfect, we have all had experiences that can possibly help other women get through tough times. This is the reason I developed Dr. Heavenly's Angels. I am so glad my friends were there to help me!
Now I do believe, it's been a long, long, long, long...long time since Dr. Simone or Dr. Jackie have used condoms. Let's be real--they don't have sex. But as OBGYNs, maybe they still know how to use them!

Simone and Jackie Teach Sex Ed

Thinking about Jackie using a condom just made me throw up in my mouth just a little bit.

Toya did a great job on our presentation. When someone says negative things to you, the best answer is always to turn the other cheek!

Heavenly Calls Toya a Gold Digger

I'm so very happy Mariah is okay. She has been through a lot. I honestly think Quad cares for her dearly, however I think Quad has realized she was wrong and that she has made a mess of the group, so she is reaching out to a safe place for herself.
Quad's acting skills have also gotten so much better. She must be taking classes.

Quad and Mariah Finally Reunite

I think forgiveness is necessary in any relationship. It has been said, it's not for the other person. Maybe this was why Quad has been so mean-spirited and bitter. Hopefully we can all move forward and move past all the drama. Maybe she will let this pass and move forward with the positive. However, knowing Quad, there isn't a chance in hell she will.

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Quad Finally Apologizes to Mariah

As far as Lisa, I feel that if she has forgiven her husband for cheating BEFORE they were married, we should all respect that and mind our own business. It is a hurtful subject for Lisa, and maybe she should talk with someone to help her get over it, rather than lashing out at others. The ladies in this group, including myself, will never let up. So she will have to learn to stop responding to things or just laugh at them. I need to set an appointment with her, as she needs some of my relationship expertise.
Quad and Lisa are both hurting inside--it's obvious. They are both lashing out begging for help! We need an intervention!

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