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Jackie: There Is a Breakthrough Taking Place

Dr. Jackie talks about Simone's breakthrough and why it's so important.

By Jacqueline Walters

Now the ladies of Married to Medicine are all over this city doing a whole lot!

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I know some think I don't do anything and don't deserve to be on the cover of a magazine while many others are aware of how filled and fulfilled my life is! I absolutely enjoy what I do and because there's such a great demand for what I do, it keeps me busy! I am up early in the mornings exercising while other mornings I'm getting into surgery some mornings too early to get my exercise done! This particular day I have worked all day and will have to take a patient to surgery at the end my day! Ashley has been in pain and her sex life has been affected. After her surgery, her pain is gone, and her sex is back!

Even with my busy schedule, I have time for my great friend, Simone! I'm home trying to figure out a really difficult patient with sickle cell anemia when Simone stops by! She didn't have a successful meeting with Toya and is still very angry! Now as long as I've known Simone, she's quick to go to "10" about distrust and betrayal. Now, we've fought, but I'm always going to give her time to cool off before pushing harder, but tonight I've gone to a place where I'm allowing her to uncover her own pain and damaged heart as the source for all this anger! She rarely cries but tonight after much talking and her screaming at me, there is a breakthrough taking place. Simone realizes that her childhood pain causes her to go to a really bad place! I think Simone will leave here in a better place!

Simone Has a Breakthrough

Now Snoop McQuad has hired a PI! What the heck? Now she's really serious about this background check stuff! Well, it's been said do unto others as you would have them do unto you, so I guess this is her golden rule! Then, she's revealing this to Simone in a gourmet market where she knows Simone isn't buying anything.

Tweedle Toya and Tweedle Jill have found each other! Toya's two beautiful boys are having a play date with her friend Jill's three sons. Now while the boys are running and playing, these ladies are drinking what Toya calls "mommy juice" better known as wine!
Kinda bothered me to see Jill sending her son in the house to bring wine out to her and Toya!

Tonight I was soooo proud to see how Simone conducted herself with Toya! The first step to healing is facing the thing that's bothering you the most! All the ladies are out to witness Heavenly and Lisa receive an award for being on the cover of HERS Magazine! Ok, I've never heard of it, but it's good seeing these beautiful ladies get honored!

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