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Lisa Nicole: You Can Never Be Too Careful

Lisa Nicole explains why she got a background check on Quad.

By Lisa Nicole Cloud

Hello Married to Medicine Darlings,

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We are back with a new season of Medicine Wives Mayhem. And this season is crazier than ever and promises to be the best one yet. I never thought I’d be in the middle of the drama, but somehow this season a business decision has spiraled completely out of control.

Some people do background checks via Google, social media, and blogs, but me? I prefer to make sure my facts are 100% accurate. In business, I’ve learned you can never be too careful. Quad and I have known each other less than two years. It is important to always do due diligence in business. My actions were not personally based on our friendship--it was a business decision, and unfortunately people sometimes blur those lines…but I don’t. It’s unfortunate that Quad feels the way she feels about the situation. Malice was clearly not my intention. I never discussed with anyone what was in her background. I apologized for any misunderstanding or disappointment Quad felt from my actions, and I hope she can move past this situation and not dwell in it for an entire season like we saw her do with Mariah last season. I am moving on and focusing on productive and positive things, like running the Lisa Nicole Collection ( and putting on our 2015 WEN Conference (

As for the other ladies:

Toya: She seems to be happy with her new house. It is quite beautiful. Rented or not, she and Eugene love it, and that’s all that matters. Toya does not like the word budget. She makes me laugh. I cant lie, I’m not mad that she is kicking back and enjoying the good life. She’s blessed to have a man that is a good provider, father, and friend! I’m excited she is throwing an over-the-top Halloween party. That is my kind of affair. She wants everyone to come in a scary costume, but I don’t do scary. I don’t bring that kind of energy around me, so I decided to come dressed as a sexy cop. I came with my handcuffs and all just in case I had to make a citizens arrest with this crazy bunch.

Jackie: I’m happy she is so focused on being fit. I do believe your “Health is your Wealth,” so I like this “Fit is the New It” campaign. I’m not in the fitness group. I guess neither my husband or I have a weight issue, but I’ll support Jackie in any way I can. I love her drive and determination to help these guys and gals to get fit.

Simone: I’m glad to see her practice is thriving again. I’m also glad she came to the Halloween party. I wasn’t prepared for her to snap with Toya. I was hopeful we were past the tension between these two, but it seems there is still some healing needed. I hope Simone can work on all the yelling and screaming! It’s hard to communicate effectively when people are yelling.

Dr. Heavenly: Love that she is proud to be a wife and a mother! I, too, am passionate about quality family time around meals! As for her costume at the party...that costume is hilarious. Heavenly is a little bit of angel and a little bit of devil! She keeps me laughing. She loves showing her a--!

Quad: I hope we don’t have a repeat of last season. Every season you chose someone to attack. Season 1, it was Kari and Toya, Season 2, it was Mariah, and now Season 3, it’s me! Last season was all about your inability to forgive Mariah and move forward, and I hope we wont get stuck again this season.

Remember, I told you I ran the background. I didn’t try to hide it. I didn’t do it for malice! I also apologized if my actions offended you. Background checks are standard business protocol for me or any smart business person. It was not a personal decision based on our friendship…it was a business decision. Stating you are unpredictable and highly emotional doesn’t make me a liar…it means I call it like I see it. In business, being highly emotional and unpredictable is a dangerous quality.

My sincere hope is that you accept my apology at some point and we figure out how to move forward in a positive and productive manner. We have to agree to disagree in this situation and figure out how to move forward.

So as you guys can see, you are in for a HOT season of Real Women, Real Issues and Real Life Drama! If you loved this week’s episode, make sure you tune in next week, because it only gets more intense!

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Until Next Week…

Success and Love,

Lisa Nicole Cloud

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