Toya: I Will Not Allow Someone's Ugliness to Steal My Joy

Toya discusses the Halloween party and gives her thoughts on the background check drama.

I am BACCCK! Season 3…who missed me? I missed you guys. I am so excited for this new season, and you guys will be glued to the tube every Sunday night with what is in store. #Married2Med

Your girl has come back, like Patti Labelle…with a new attitude: loving life, loving on my husband and kids, too blessed to be stressed, a new zip code with more square footage than a sister can decorate! However, Dr. Eugene is talking budget…What is that, a car rental place? LOL, but seriously, I am trying to keep the stress down at home and thank God for all my blessings.

Now a commentator I am not, but I do have a few observations on the premiere I would like to share. First off, I love entertaining with friends, and my Halloween party gave me the perfect opportunity to do so, and if you know Toya, you know I do nothing half-way. Costumes, cocktails, haunted decor, and mommy juice all on deck. I loved the fact that so many of my friends came out and were super creative with their costumes. (Unfortunately you guys did not get a full visual scope of the party, but my friends did that. I will post some pictures on my website

No matter how much fun "Mrs. Bestie and Mr. Boo" had planned for the party, haters always try to show out. I don't know if it is bitterness, anger, being stung by a hater bug, overworked, or not enough sex, but some people just can't come out and have a good time. Background checks?! Is someone running for public office? Last time I checked we were just on a TV show, people. Lighten up! Yet, I will not allow someone's ugliness to steal my joy, because on a whole, I was very happy to see my friends (some…catch the shade) and turn up, which we did.

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The ladies this season, as Mrs. Quad would say, are "very busy": new businesses, career changes, and career additions. Truly "married to medicine" in some shape, form, or fashion. So my friends, I would suggest you get your seatbelt buckled tight and enjoy the ride through our crazy lives. Season 3 will be packing a punch! (Hmmm, I wonder if that would be literally, too?)


Mrs. Bestie 

Toya Bush-Harris

IG: ToyaBushHarris

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