Is Dr. Heavenly Changing for the Better?

The #Married2Med doctor has been trying to be more heavenly these days. 

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Has Dr. Heavenly Really Changed?
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Among her group of friends, Dr. Heavenly Kimes is known for saying the truth in love, even if the truth ends up hurting some feelings. This year, Dr. Heavenly has set out to show her more angelic side to the people in her life, and it's working. 

Quad Webb-Lunceford definitely sees an improvement in her friend. "I think [Dr. Heavenly] now tries to now think about what she says before she says it," noted Quad. "I think she has some ways to go, but is she making progress? Absolutely."

Dr. Jacqueline "Jackie" Walters totally agrees. She's even seen a softer side of Dr. Heavenly since the two of them started sitting together in church and can attest to the fact that Dr. Heavenly isn't always as tough as she appears. "I have certainly have seen a change in Dr. Heavenly that the world does not get to see...I've seen [Heavenly] cry," says Dr. Jackie. 

Don't rush to label the good doctor a softie or anything, though; Dr. Heavenly's got a reputation to protect!

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