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I See London

Martyn talks about his trip to London and the TV gold in this week's episode.

By Martyn Lawrence Bullard

In Episode 6 of Million Dollar Decorators you cannot help but fall madly in love with the opening scenes, where my always generous playmate Kathryn Ireland gifts my favorite housekeeper in the world, the delicious Jacqueline, a pair of leather trousers. The delight in her slightly skew-wiff eyes is so wondrous you don't know whether to laugh or cry. Pure TV gold.

You also get to see a “perfect little Georgian house " that Kathryn is tweaking the design on, for her ex-beau, the dashing English gent James.

Oh Mary McDonald, how I adored your flabbergasted explanation of the "track" house you look at to decorate this week for the poor, unsuspecting, design-depraved client Drew. "The interior of the house is a bit of a Taco Bell meets .... Taco Bell!" is now my favorite line of all time. And the explanation of Manhattan Beach! OMG! “I've assessed the mountain and I ain't a climin'!” I love it, and I love you Mary!

Jeffrey Allan Marks seems to have thrown his budget out the window for the same fish bar that he seems to be designing in every episode. This week he has torn out all the floors on a whim. His client however is more concerned about the food than the floors and is determined to keep to his budget. . .Not a good sign!

I myself shop in London for One Kings Lane, the fabulous on line shopping site that sells exclusive designer products to the public at a fraction of the price. Susan Feldman, co-founder and business woman extraordinaire had asked me to curate a container sale from all my secret London sources to offer at a great price to her extensive clientele. I am honored and love the idea of it. And of course any excuse for me to shop, especially with someone else's dollars! You see us wheeling and dealing, twirling and whirling around all the best antique markets and fairs in London looking for bargains and objects of great decorative value to sell on to the OKL clients. Susan and I butt heads on what actually is a bargain, but eventually find some wonderful, well-priced, and very delicious objects and furniture to add to our sale that we are both happy with.

Of course we all end up the best of friends (I actually love Susan, she's become a great friend and a business inspiration!), and all our beautiful finds will be available on an exclusive One Kings Lane sale this week starting 9 am Wednesday morning and running for three days only. So get ready for a taste of London, brought to you with my Million Dollar designer eye and love for all things beautiful and British!

Also please check out the a bonus clip below of my incredibly glamorous launch of my furniture line in the chicest store in London Guinevere. The haute of London society come out to celebrate with me including members of the royal family, iconic British designers, and international celebrities -- even a congratulatory call from Sir Elton John! Not only fun but truly scrumptious to the eyes and ears!

Have fun shopping, treat yourself to the best of British and remember always -- live, love, and decorate!



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