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Sealing the Deal

Martyn discusses his work for Daisy Fuentes and shares his thoughts on Kathryn's client.

Now it’s all beginning to heat up and the decorating is getting stronger on our latest episode of Million Dollar Decorators!

I was lucky enough to help my beautiful friend, the Latin star and curvaceous bombshell Daisy Fuentes, make over several rooms in her stunning Hollywood hills home with a Cuban flavor as our theme. Daisy wanted to honor her roots and give some Latin spice to her decor. You saw me at Warner Brothers Studios creating a spectacular piece of wall art from mega-talent Michael Eastman's Cuban photograph, using a million dollar machine designed especially for movie back drops to blow it up into a mural. You see us shopping around town for pieces that create a sophisticated, yet highly comfortable interior that is totally customized to Daisy's taste and helps create a balance between her very modernist architectural home and her Latin roots. I was honored to work with her on this project and truly love her and our friendship that this interior makeover has sealed.

Kathryn Ireland continues her struggle with her over anxious client Shannon who it seems wants to micro-manage every detail of her job, not understanding that Kathryn is an accomplished, award-winning professional who knows what's she is doing, how to achieve a designer result, and, of course, sees the final vision in her head already. Back at her home we get another delicious glimpse of the wondrous character that is Jacqueline, Kathryn's trusty housekeeper, cook, and muse! It's just TV gold watching Jacqueline rifle around in search of Kathryn’s diamond earbobs to complete her Inspector Clouseau ensemble.

We finally get to see the charming Nathan Turner do what he does best, creating a splendid event, this time in honor of his One Kings Lane Indian bazaar sale. His party is both sumptuous and chic. . .and looks like such fun -- made me sad I missed it!

Sadly, we see Mary only briefly in this episode, but she is as amazing and "kooky" as always, looking ravishingly exotic in her sari and being wildly funny with her dry wit and naughty laugh.

Meanwhile it appears all is not going well in paradise for Jeffrey and his assistant/boyfriend Ross as they are having a hard time agreeing on a lighting decision at the Hungry Cat restaurant, a job you might remember they started in the first episode. It seems to take rather a lot of vodka, loss of clothing, and a lukewarm bath for them to finally make up.

Well all I can say boys is I'm glad your following my lead to -- live, love, and hopefully decorate!

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