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My Dolly

Mary discusses her love for Nathan and what she found most riveting this week.

By Mary McDonald

Well, this episode the MOST exciting and nerve racking thing to watch was Kathryn's huge, beach job get sticky. I can't wait for next week's episode to see if it all blows up because of the client interference. This happens a lot on jobs when client's get too involved, like they are a staff member, and you spend more time answering their questions than getting it done because they get involved. I honestly don't know how that ends up as we don't see the episodes until it airs. I wish I hadn't had to see those bar stools though. . .ouch.

Hilarious that Kathryn put her diamonds on to prepare for the client war. I would have chosen the right outfit too.

Speaking of outfits I love my party outfit for the Indian party. It was a sari with a non-conventional sari top simply because I couldn't find one. When I was in India I bought dozens of saris but you have to have the blouse made for it to be correct and obviously I blew that. Let's just call it L.A. Sari. That party of Nathan's for One Kings Lane was amazing. You can't really tell on film how amazing it was for some reason but it was sooooooooooo glamorous. I was really getting my maharani on!

Is Nathan not the cutest? Sometimes I want to put him in a stroller and pretend he's my doll that's how cute he is to me. I also love how weird and creepy that sounds. I actually had to drive all over Artesia (our little India) with him to shop for the party, and I kind of left there with an Indian accent. Somehow that didn't not make it to the television viewers, but we only have so much time.  

Editor's Note: Watch their Little India trip in an exclusive bonus clip below:

Jeffery and Ross have a bit of a tiff, which somehow Jeffrey thinks will be resolved by picking up a waiter. I have never understood that male mentality, but then again I am a woman who likes chick flicks so why would I? By the way who is Jeffrey going to find more handsome than Ross? Ross is a Breck girl so they should just work it out next time. They are much more calm fighters than I, I might add. I am an outburst kind of gal. . .I guess our design styles match our personalities!

As for our dear dear Martyn, who is one of the loveliest and fun men on the planet, of course he is doing Daisy Fuentes house. Daisy is quite thin I might add. Perhaps, thinner than I recall. Whatever she is selling on those infomercials I am running out to buy. Although I saw that Patti Stanger on one of those for something, and I bought it and they won't stop sending it to me. I have yet to try it, but Patti just looked sooooooooo good. I am going to get online and check out Daisy's spiel. Did you not love that Martyn blew that photo up? I love to do that myself, and did it for the entry at the Luxe Sunset hotel in LA from a small picture of shells. It became eight feet high and looks fab. Love that Martyn!

Well stay tuned for next week. You won't believe my new client. Really.

Thank you all for watching.


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