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North South Carolina

Mary McDonald reflects on her time with Nathan Turner at High Point Market.

By Mary McDonald

I am sitting here in my office juggling so many things right now I am wondering how everyone does it all. I guess just like this, wondering how everyone else juggles it all. Product deadlines, photo shoots, high-pressure clients, and bi-coastal jobs. Of course more staff is more training and more overhead. . .it is rather endless this learning curve. I think I need a Barry Diller like DVF. Speaking of fashion I love Kathryn in all pink by the Colony Palms hotel. I love pink. One could even be a pink poodle and I would like them. No Kathryn does not look like a pink poodle. I also love people that can appreciate a good cocktail, so Kathryn seems to be on my hit parade for this episode. Martyn said it all when he called her Isadora Duncan except Kathryn was not offed by her scarf.

What a great job Martyn did at The Colony Palms hotel. J'adore his suite. I love the reds, his Moroccan red tile fabric, the suzanis and the oh-so Marrakech half-painted red wall. Bravo, you handsome thing Martyn. It was quite drama-free no less, which is always a feat and a good reason to have a little cocktail in celebration. The hotel is fabulous and you should all get there, after you visit the Luxe Sunset Hotel, which I redesigned a few years ago! City sleek vs. Desert Chic!

I love Nathan, but he is definitely fired in the travel agent department. He lured me in with promises of an old Southern hotel and forgot to make a reservation until the day before and voila... we have to a) share a room and b) pretend it was a quaint Southern inn.

Do you love my Jessica Simpson "Chicken of the Sea" moment asking if North Carolina is the South? Should it not be called North South Carolina? I like that better. I will say this, everyone seems much more at peace out there in North Carolina, and you realize how weird frantic city life is. It makes you wonder what we are all rushing around for. They seem happier and more wholesome. Too bad you guys did not have time to see all our crazy antics in between my lighting launch meetings and Nathan's furniture launch. We played pool at a poll hall -- I was terrible btw -- visited every BBQ joint in town, shopped at some great showrooms, visited a three-story house that was made to look like a huge chest of drawers, all topped off by the glamorous Architectural DIgest party. The antics were endless.

I am glad Jeffrey and Ross bought that highly-coveted John Dickinson table, but a tad worried for their eyesight if they thought it was a coffee table. Maybe they thought it was for dolls. There are these fabulous lines of dollhouse furniture that designers do and perhaps that was it? 

Stay tuned for next week when everything goes wrong on my L.A. Antiques Show entry install. . .


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