Pillow Fights and Granny Chairs For Ross

Pillow Fights and Granny Chairs For Ross

Jeffrey and Ross bickered over modelling, pillows, and granny chairs during the La Jolla install.

This week, we are working on a project in La Jolla, which as you may know is my home town. The house is rather cavernous and needs a lot of furniture and accessories to make it feel like a home. It takes plenty of layering to make a house of this proportion feel comfortable and cozy, which is always my objective when designing a house.

You may also know that I have a fixation with pillows, and this house needed a LOT of pillows (and I mean A LOT of pillows). Ross believed that he had ordered enough pillows, and so a pillow fight ensued. Pillow fights are a regular occurrence at our house and office! Ross hides pillows in our closets. I don't think you can ever have enough. Why rob yourself of comfort and color?

No Time to Relax

Another bone of contention is the "granny chairs." The key to being a great designer is being able to see things out of context and knowing they will look good in a different environment. Out of context, those chairs are hideous.

You are going to have to wait until next week to see if, once installed, they turn out better than in the workroom. As for the pillows, well, it looks like Ross is in deep trouble! Watch next week to see how it all turns out.

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