Altman Is Being Short-Sighted

Altman Is Being Short-Sighted

Madison doesn't think Josh is considering his reputation when he's mastering the art of the deal.

Real estate has never been so dramatic. . .

I think I said all I really need to say in the episode about Altman. The rest speaks for itself. Clearly he and I have different styles for doing business. Maybe he has a jaded perspective about what's ethical and what is not. Sure, we can all be master negotiators and manipulate certain situations to benefit ourselves. Regardless, your reputation, especially in sales, is the cornerstone to power. Josh Altman's practices, in my opinion, are very short sighted in this regard.

The Battle Between Josh and Madison Continues

As for my clients in this episode, they popped up out of nowhere one day and were the nicest people. They were extremely efficient and really needed a house in two weeks. The best thing about my job is that every day is different, it's spontaneous, and, for better or for worse, I get to deal with all sorts of personalities.

Which episode has been your favorite so far this season? What aspects of our lives would you like to see more of? I certainly like that this season captures more of the business side and the details of each transaction we do.

On a separate note, Josh Flagg really has a tough agent to negotiate with on tonight's show. That Lillian has one of the toughest poker faces I've seen in awhile.

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