James: I Always Make Time for Family

James: I Always Make Time for Family

James Harris loves his mother (even though they may bicker).

One of the greatest things about working in real estate is that the unique properties we represent lead to interesting people from all walks of life. I love the fact that each home appeals to different styles and sentiments. Once we secured the Los Feliz listing, we knew it would attract a certain type of buyer with appreciation for its artful architecture and breathtaking grounds. It’s essential to not only price a property properly, but to also have an understanding of the ideal buyer.

Soon after taking on Vermont Ave, we immediately contacted our network of interior designers and decorators. #BondStPartners often finds leads by identifying our resources to reach a certain buyer and acting quickly on them. This is where our job becomes creative and we have to think outside the box. 

And no matter how busy we are, I try to always make time for my family. I was thrilled to welcome my mum into my #MDLLA world over lunch in LA. While we have our moments of bickering, my mother is one of my biggest fans and support systems. With encouragement from family, our sales savvy, and unwavering negotiation skills, it wasn’t long before the deal was done!


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