Josh: It's All About Who You Know

Josh explains why the Hamptons deal was so hard to come by. 

Everyone knows I love to travel as much as I love real estate. I usually keep the two separate. However, during my trip to the Hamptons, I had no choice. My longtime family friend Gino came to me while I was relaxing in the Hamptons, desperate for a summer rental for his family. It really didn't help the situation that it was the middle of the season. Rentals in the Hamptons rent so far in advance I'm surprised I could even get us into a few houses that were still available. In this business, it's all about who you know. Luckily, I have a great relationship with two of the best brokers out in the Hamptons. They were kind enough to take Gino and I out to see some gorgeous homes. Gino had some pretty specific needs, and with such a limited inventory due to the season being halfway over, he's lucky to have found what he did. Even when I'm on vacation, I aim to please my clients. Thanks to Tim and Jon Davis for helping this Beverly Hills broker out while in the Hamptons!


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