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Madison Hildebrand: David and James Held Their Ground

Madison dishes about his life after Bravo, teaming up with the Brits, and his opinions on Josh Altman.

Welcome to California, My Friend
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Madison Hildebrand: So many amazing opportunities have opened up, and I feel as if my career is in full stride.

My primary objective has been growing The Malibu Life Team and servicing my amazing clientele. It has now been fully a year since I’ve transitioned from being just another agent at Coldwell Banker to a founding partner of one of the fastest growing and most exciting real estate brokerages, Partners Trust. As they asked me to be a founding partner of the Malibu office, which has brought new and exciting responsibilities. In addition, my exclusive relationship with Docusign as their official real estate ambassador keeps me traveling, attending events, and on the forefront of technology. As I have always been philanthropic, I was approached to be the ambassador of Give Back Homes, which I was thrilled to accept as it complements everything real estate, but for those who really need shelter. Locally, I also continue to serve on my third year as a board member of the Malibu Boys and Girls Club. My most recent business venture has me smiling from ear to ear, because I have become the infomercial face of GO SMiLE Whitening Toothbrush, which means you will be seeing me on TV selling something I’m very passionate about. Also, in the last year, I’ve bought a new home and recently finished a six-month renovation. My dog Maya is very happy to have a pool and lots of garden and yard space. Lastly, I’m a new uncle as my little brother, Wayne, had my family’s first baby. His name is Austin Wayne Hildebrand, and he was born September 2, 2015. More than anything, I am happy, balanced, and grateful for this time in my life. How do you enjoy working with David and James?

MH: They are both great, hard-working professionals, and I truly enjoy them. Not to mention, it is much more fun negotiating with those bloody British accents. Who do you think came out on top during the deal between David and James and Josh Altman?

MH: Honestly, I believe the deal ended up being fair. However, watching Altman negotiate makes me sick to my stomach, as he thinks that everything he does is ingenious. What he doesn’t realize is there are so many other tactics to negotiating, and his style is becoming very transparent and obviously highly publicized. I don’t know who in their right mind would trust him with their money or real estate assets. David and James held their ground during the negotiation, and in their own words, “Real estate is only worth what the buyer is willing to pay,” and his buyer was happy with the ultimate price.

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