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Madison Hildebrand Talks Josh Altman and Heather Bilyeu

Madison discusses the best and worst parts of negotiating with Josh Altman.

By Madison Hildebrand
Josh Altman Thanks Madison Hildebrand Have you kept in touch with Heather at all?
Madison Hildebrand: Not at all. No. Did you have any idea she and Josh were upset about the commission?

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MH: Yes, that is what three years of bickering has been about. When Heather worked for me, we had a contract, of course, and in the contract she was privy to earning bonuses, at my discretion, for closings. However, once she lied to me about taking a co-listing with Josh Altman behind my back, it left me no choice to fire her immediately as it was also evident, per Heather, that her and Josh were beginning to date. That is a huge conflict of interest, so I had to let her go...and in doing so, she was not privy to any bonuses for being dishonest and manipulative while on salary working exclusively for me. She then fabiracted the story for attention and brought Josh into it all. What’s the best/worst part about negotiating with Josh Altman

MH: One thing for sure when it comes to Josh A, you know he is always lying and acting selfishly, so with one style of negotiating it makes it pretty predictable what his next B.S. move will be. That is both the best and worst part about negotiating with Josh A, other than having to listen to his voice.

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