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Samantha on Proving Herself and Google Alerts

Samantha admits the Trump meeting was a bit intimidating, but will do whatever it takes to get the property sold.

The Trump meeting was definitely a bit of an intimidating one! Good thing I did my homework and knew everything there was to know about Gil Dezer (through my Google Alerts, of course)!


I was very lucky to have met Rachel and be given the opportunity to co-list this property.  At the same time, just because Rachel wanted to work with me, doesn't mean Gil did. I truly had to prove myself with what makes me different. Tons of realtors have listings, but as I stated -- do you want an agent who has tons of listings and is only able to give a certain amount of time on each, or do you want one who has more time to focus just on yours?

Why did I accept a 30 day challenge? I am a TRUE believer of under-promising and over-delivering. However, being that Gil was only going to try out other agents if they worked under a 45 day schedule, those were the unfortunate terms I had to agree to. And to show how dedicated I was, I still put in 110% spending -- just as much as I would have if I had a longer listing agreement.

$25,000 for an open house is. . .well, a bit crazy! But, when you're working with ultra-luxury properties you MUST do whatever it takes to get it sold, and sometimes that means going a bit over-the-top with your open house and what you end up spending for it.

Will the Trump listing sell? You'll have to watch what happens. . .

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