Samantha DeBianchi

Samantha DeBianchi is the founder of DeBianchi Real Estate, one of the top Florida real estate firms, representing a number of athletes, entrepreneurs and investors. Her drive for excellence coupled with her "over-the-top, out-of-the-box thinking" led her to move quickly to the top of the real estate game with $25 million in sales in just three years. Sam's obsession with perfection along with her negotiation skills allows her to raise the bar in the real estate game.

A graduate from Florida Atlantic University at only 20, Samantha earned her MBA from Nova Southeastern by the age of 22. Sam grew up in nearby Ft. Lauderdale, but quickly made a name for herself working in hospitality for the hot Miami nightlife scene, and at 25 she created a college course for Florida International University in their school of hospitality. In addition to her thriving real estate career, Samantha keeps herself busy by spending time with her boyfriend Jeff, reporting as a real estate expert for various TV shows as well as serving as a weekly "real estate advice" columnist for South Florida's Sun Sentinel.