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Sam's "Sailfish" Dilemma

Sam explains the difficulty in selling a house with a drum-set room, 17 televisions, and urinals in all the bathrooms.

By Samantha DeBianchi

The death of Chloe hit me hard in a number of ways. In life, you can be as prepared as you want to be, but you can never be prepared enough for what life's unexpectedness can bring. I'm a very lucky girl to have such an amazing support system of friends, family, and clients -- all of whom of supported me through the death of Chloe and the mourning period that followed. The memorial on the beach for her was the last thing I could do to show my love and appreciation for her. It broke my heart to see my dad cry -- Chloe touched more then just my heart, but the hearts of my family, especially my father. Her death was a true loss for many.

I hope people understand that even though on the outside luxury realtors seem to be "put together," we still have hard times and heartaches. With that said, I have a business to run and continue, and with the support of my amazing team and Stacey's event planning, I was still able to host and run a very successful open house at my listing, the "Sailfish" house.

I think the episode truly showcases the uniqueness of South Florida real estate, especially with my listing. At $6.2M, numerically we are overpriced, but architecturally we are not. The person who is going to buy this house must put mind over math and look at the home for what it is versus what is costs. The person who buys this house is also probably going to be a bachelor -- between the drum-set room, the 17 televisions, and urinals in all the bathrooms, this pad screams testosterone!

Furthermore, in this case, the seller truly has an emotional attachment to the property -- he built it with his own hands specifically for him and his lifestyle. To give it up for a penny less than what he wants simply doesn't work (which makes my life more difficult). The offer of $5.3M was a great offer compared to the comps, but for my client, it wasn't enough for him to give up "his baby."

[video_clip_url:]While the last thing I want is an overpriced listing (I learned my lesson on that), I do believe that this home is a masterpiece that just needs the right buyer to walk in its doors and love and appreciate it as much as the seller does.

All things take time but. It will sell…and it will be a glorious day for me when it does.


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