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Ryan: I Have the Woman and Apartment of My Dreams

Ryan accepts Olivia's challenge, but argues that he is not a loser!

By Ryan Serhant

It's hard out here for a Bunny! Yes, I did it, I wore it, and I hope you all enjoyed it. The first thing I learned in real estate is to be specific. Is your offer $1,000,000? Or is it $1,000,000 with a financing contingency, with a 90 day close? I found a buyer, first, and I won that bet – Olivia never specified who the apartments had to be sold to. I love Olivia like a little sister, and while I teased her with her ruffled, one-piece and stylish swim cap, I never actually considered sending her up the river (no matter how wonderful modern medicine might be). I just wanted to teach her a lesson, and keep the fire lit. When people think there are stakes on the table, they work harder. How much harder do you work when you're trying to save for a vacation? You bust your butt, right?  

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We'll get back to my bunny suit.

Meanwhile, in Midtown, On Billionaire's row, A.K.A: West 57th Street, I had to focus on a new listing. Silicon Valley has bred some impressive fortunes, but thankfully they haven't invented an App to replace me. Little did I know when I arrived at One57 that I could be welcomed by R2D2 himself, well at least his rolling body. My client's representative, Victor didn't need to be in New York City to show me around their gorgeous 2 bed - 2 ½ bath, corner-unit, and yes, that should scare you too. It was important that I manage expectations before agreeing to anything. Yes, One57 is an ultra-exclusive, ultra-luxury development. Yes, I can sell anything, especially with all the custom interior enhancements provided by the seller, but I needed Victor to be realistic about a listing price. By listing it for just under 14 million dollars, I'm hoping to please my client but not alienate potential buyers in this area who have plenty of high-end inventory to choose from. My listing is as unique as it gets, with features straight out of a science fiction movie, and I know that I can find the perfect buyer too, just you wait and see as I make fiction into reality. 

On another note, let's all wish Rich Hamilton a speedy recovery. I'm glad Luis found some peace and by meditating and hanging out with his mother: That combination has also worked well for me. The longer I'm in this business the importance of balance becomes clearer and clearer. At the end of the day, we're fragile life-forms that shouldn't take for granted our own health or that of our loved ones.

Ryan Hops at the Chance to Settle a Bet

Finally we return to the Bunny Suit. I don't even know where Olivia got that thing, but she obviously did her research. Yes, I got her lunch; yes I hopped around Tribeca like Bugs evading Elmer Fudd. The carrots were fresh and nobody tried to pet my little tail. It was fun, and it showed how good a sport I can be. I did not lose that bet, let me repeat: I did not lose that bet. I have the woman and apartment of my dreams, so I'm willing to concede for the sake of my team. I hope you enjoyed the show, Olivia, payback is a possibility...

Hugs and kissing to all of you: let's keep this party going.

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