Justin: I Get What I Want

Justin: I Get What I Want

Justin dishes on San Francisco buyers and his thoughts on Andrew owning his domain name.

Bravotv.com: You were born and raised in San Francisco. Would you ever consider moving to another city and sell real estate there? 

Justin Fichelson: If I did, it would be NYC.

Bravotv.com: You have a pretty unique living situation. Does it ever feel odd living with a another family or is it ideal for you?

JF: I was inbetween apartments, so I was staying at a friend's house. It was odd, but at the same time enjoyable since they are friends of mine. I have since moved into my own place. With no roommates ;).

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Justin Is Bad at Technology

Bravotv.com: Watching the first episode, it seems like a majority of the buyers are involved in tech. Do you find yourself mostly dealing with tech buyers or does it really depend on the listing and the area?

JF: For the most part, most buyers in the San Francisco Bay Area are in tech. It does however, depend to a certain degree on the neighborhood. The central neighborhoods in SF are the hot spots. The outer, less desirable neighborhoods are a little less eccentric.

Meet the #MDLSF Agents

Bravotv.comAt your Noe Valley listing we watch you do a number of private showings -- do you find that can be more effective than an open house or does it entirely depend on the listing and area too?

JF: It entirely depends on the listing, area, and what strategy I choose to take. 

Bravotv.com: Was it surprising to learn that Andrew bought both RohHabibi.com and JustinFichelson.com? Or did you find it amusing?

JF: It was very amusing when I found out he bought Roh's and less amusing when I found out he bought mine. But still amusing. I get what I want and I have no doubt I'll get mine back.

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