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Madison's Guide To Success By 25

Madison Hildebrand tells you how to be successful in real estate

By Madison Hildebrand

The real estate industry is a fiercely competitive and challenging field. Throw youth into that mix, and you're headed down a tumultuous path where success may seem impossible at times. In any professional field, young people are faced with the obstacle of overcoming a plethora of ingrained prejudices against the young.

Here are five tips on how to gain clout with the people that matter in your field. Keep in mind that the goal is to get to a place where you can use youth in your favor.

1. Do what you're passionate about -- or get out!

The foundation for success in any field is loving what you do. Being successful takes hard work and long hours -- if you aren't genuinely intrigued by what's holding you captive, your days will seem never-ending.

2. Don't listen to other negative feedback.

As with anything, people will feel the need to impose their personal beliefs and opinions on the choices you will make along your career path. Keep your eye on the prize and look at negative opinions as a challenge: Use them to help you set goals and surpass them.

3. Be fair, positive and ethical.

Every day, we deal with people who are catty, have negative attitudes, and/or generally emanate unnecessary toxicity into others' lives. People with positive energy, charisma, and an innate pleasantness are like a breath of fresh air. This type of attitude is contagious -- everyone will be drawn to working with you on a continual basis.

4. Be obsessive in knowing your field.

Typically, people equate higher numbers in age with higher levels of experience and knowledge. By immersing yourself into any sort of literature, news, industry-related education, or training, you are giving yourself an edge that will catch people off-guard. Since you don't have a wealth of experience, compensate with a wealth of knowledge.

5. Find yourself a mentor. Look for someone at the top of their game -- someone who you respect and has been in the business for many years. Immerse yourself into their day. I spent many days sitting on my mentor's floor listening to every phone conversation he had. The tips I learned from him were priceless.

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