Madison wonders how he became reality TV star and gives his take on "Chaddy Cakes."


Am I really a reality TV star? This is getting very interesting and a little nerve-wracking to be honest. I love my fans and all of you who connect with me, but I have to say it is a vulnerable position to be in and it has been quite a ride. I just returned from a vacation in Buenos Aires, Argentina and had an incredible time, but did not go unnoticed. It was pretty unbelievable to be recognized by fans in the middle of a foreign city.

This was a great episode filled with irony. On one end of the spectrum you have "Chaddy Cakes" negotiating his ridiculous birthday wishes, which come true, while Josh is revealing a heartfelt connection with his Grandmother's history...and I, well, am sealing another deal and remaining quite neutral. Get ready for my personal reveal in the following two episodes. This is a short note to you all as I am quite busy, but keep watching the boys of Bravo. Have a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones and feel free to follow me on twitter at "Madison_Hilde" or on my Facebook fan page. If you are looking for inside tips on success you can get a signed copy of my book at

Smile and make it a great week.

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