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Million Dollar Soap Opera

Madison congratulates Josh Flagg on coming out and reveals his current relationship status.

By Madison Hildebrand

The season is winding down, the tension is heating up, but all I want to do is sell real estate. Somehow I am involved in a soap opera series now that Altman and Heather continue to date. Yes, I have accepted it -- She is her own woman and can make her own bad decisions. Just kidding, I wish them the best.  

I thought it was pretty genius that the seller invited two agents to his house for a simultaneous listing appointment and caught both Altman and his competitor by surprise. The house is nice and I would have made similar concessions to get the listing, but my favorite part is when Altman told the other agent he would give him $25k to walk away. Nice move, too bad it didn't work.  

My clients also pulled the rug out from under me after an intensive weekend of looking at sooo many properties...his wife got cold feet. That is life, I get it, but sometimes I wish people could process their feelings and needs before going through the motions. I can't be mad, because we are all guilty of having good intentions and then realizing things are not coming together the way they should, so I actually respect that my clients listened to their instinct in this episode. The great thing is now they do want to buy and are looking forward to getting into something permanent out here. All good things come to those who wait so says the old adage.  

And the other moment we have been waiting for is Josh Flagg's coming out! Proud of him for that.  

As for love, I am still a single man, and I am good with that.  

Make sure to follow me on twitter @MadisonMalibu and Heather @Heatherbilyeu

See you next week for the finale!



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