Are You for Real?

Are You for Real?

Courtney counts down her top five A.Y.F.R. moments.

Tonight I've decided to dedicate my blog to counting down my top five A.Y.F.R. (ARE YOU FOR REAL?!) moments from Episode 3! Let's go!

A.Y.F.R. Moment No. 5: Morning Phone Calls

Once I actually woke up and soaked in what had just been said to me by Matt, I was furious. I laid there reminding myself how I mistreated Neill and figuring out what my next step would be. I realized that I needed to call her and get to the bottom of this. The Arboretum would be a great opportunity for me to get to know Neill and prove to her that I'm not a bully. A friend of Matt's is a friend of mine.

A.Y.F.R. Moment No. 4: Gorgeous Runs in the Family

How ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE is it seeing Neill and Major together?! You can tell she loves being a mom! By the end of our lunch, we were talking about boys, shopping, and the woes of being single…we began operating like friends. I left that lunch feeling as if a weight had been lifted, and hoped she left understanding me a little bit more…my personality, my sarcasm, my protectiveness, and why I originally acted the way I did. And goodness gracious, Neill, get Major in some Baby Gap ads ASAP!

A.Y.F.R. Moment No. 3: Drew Came to Play

Drew really gave meaning to the phrase, "Put your money where your mouth is," at the charity auction! He said he was going to mess with Glenn…boy, did he ever! With one hand on Glenn and the other on his checkbook, Drew was in it to win it! And to my surprise, he handed over the date to me! A date with Glenn?! No need to twist my arm! Thanks, Drew!

A.Y.F.R. Moment No. 2: Tara's Date from Hell

After seeing this moment, I was D.T.F.! No, not that D.T.F…I was Down To Fight! How could this man treat Tara that way?! I was shocked that she let it last as long as she did! By no means would I have been surprised had she gotten up and walked out. That jerk is lucky that my attitude and I haven't gotten a hold of him yet!

A.Y.F.R. Moment No. 1: Shirtless Glenn

At the charity auction I felt like I was watching a modern day version of "Shirts vs. Skins!" Initially, I was certain that Matt would kill it. I've seen him work a room, and the ladies always love his Southern charm! But to my surprise, Glenn brought it hard and thank God that shirt came off! Our auction date was such a blast…the Pakulak Cadillac, the winery, dinner, strawberries, champagne, a foot massage, and a hotel room! But how disappointing that his shirt stayed on? All kidding and abdomen muscles aside, getting to know another side of Glenn was such a treat!

Any A.Y.F.R. moments that I missed? Leave a comment or let me know on Twitter @thecourtneykerr. Most of my personal A.Y.F.R. moments happen when it comes to fashion and my love for shopping! Be sure to check out my fashion diary at 

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