Quite Impressed

Quite Impressed

Drew shares what it was like watching the first episode and gives his take on the Courtney/Neill drama.

So here we go! First off, I have never been much of blogger. Second I am dyslexic, so I hope you enjoy my wordings. I am the kind of guy who loves to just go ahead address the pink elephant sitting in the corner. Many people have asked me, “Why are you participating in a reality show?” There are a few different answers. My favorite answer has been that I’m turning 30 in September, so why not document the last couple of months of my 20s. My 20s have been very interesting. There have been a lot of defeats and big successes. I’m actually finding it hard to say goodbye to that decade of my life. Still, the fact that I’m on Most Eligible Dallas is shocking to me, because I think of myself as a wallflower and not one the cool kids. I love cars, electronics, travelling, airplanes, and cooking.

So lets talk about the show. I have to say my favorite person to be with is Tara. I love Tara with all my heart. I know she has my back, and I have hers. Tara is a sweet, determined woman. Making Tara laugh is one my favorite things. I love making people laugh. It’s my way of easing the tension, since I don’t drink.

So like many of you, I have just watched the first episode. I was actually quite impressed. My natural mindset is to be prepared for the worst. I have found it interesting watching the show, because I have never had the opportunity to see what really goes on with some on my friends at home. Even though I have never been to Matt’s house, I find the decor to be a hybrid of vampire/jock chic, between those black out curtains and the massive TV set in the bedroom. That TV makes me think he bought it specifically for porn. 

I have to talk about the Neill and Courtney thing towards the end of the episode. I felt that Courtney was completely out of line to attack Neill. Neill is a single mother who is raising a child on her own. Courtney shouldn’t have just attacked her. I have known many single parents in my life, and when my parents got divorced, I was raised by a single parent. I have seen what a struggle it is for a parent to try and fill both roles for their child. I know Neill is a good mom trying her best to do just that for her son, Major. All parents, single or married, need a break from their responsibilities. When Courtney attacked her, I felt a little ashamed to be friends with her. Her attack was very closed-minded. I also feel like when Courtney is confronted, she has this incredible gift to cry on a dime. I think she uses this as a way to deflect attention from her inappropriate actions and make the other person feel guilty.

Well anyway I hope you enjoy the first season of Most Eligible Dallas. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @drewginsburg. 

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