Five Foot Fabulous

Five Foot Fabulous

Glenn gushes about his ex-girlfriend, Rebecca.

This was a great episode, because I get to spend time with my ex-girlfriend from Sacramento/San Francisco, who had my heart for about four years. She is a beautiful, amazing, and strong girl! Her 5'1'' frame packs a powerful punch! She used to always say, "Five foot fabulous!" Haha! 

Although we aren't together anymore, we remain close friends, and since neither of us is really dating anyone too seriously at this point, we feel comfortable enough with each other now that we can hang out and enjoy each other's company without any expectations. Seems to be a pretty good deal for me, since I am not at a point in my life where I am ready to commit completely. Football has been great to me but very unstable, forcing me to move quite often, not to mention all of the other ventures I am working on, my denim line, etc. This can make it very taxing to be in a serious relationship! 

It is not easy following your dreams and staying true to yourself. I just hope and pray that by following my heart God will do his thing with us, making us both happy together down the road when the timing is better or both happy leading different lives. I cannot expect Rebecca to wait around for me, nor would I ever ask.  She is an amazing woman and I know I am running the risk of losing her forever, but I can't let that stop me from being true to myself at this juncture in my life. 

I give her a lot of credit for coming out here to Dallas to hang out. I was a little nervous picking her up at the airport! It had been about six months since I saw her, so the butterflies were in full effect. We always had the so much fun together, as you can see! 

The chocolate shop, Dude, Sweet Chocolate, was a blast! Rebecca loves chocolate, so I thought it would be unique to go make our own and feed a little to each other! When we got back home, things got pretty sentimental and emotional on the roof. It is hard to be with someone for such a long time and not expect to have some of those past feelings bubble up. I am so glad she came to visit and I hope you guys enjoy getting to know her a little bit and seeing how it was possible for my heart to be in her possession for such a long time!  

Thanks again for all your support and feedback on the show! I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful week! Until next time.

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