Sakes Alive

Sakes Alive

Neill talks about her "dates" this episode and DIFFA.

OK, people! So that was interesting! Goodness gracious, sakes alive. Haha. I swear, I was SO tired filming that episode I could hardly keep my eyes open (as you could see). This was actually the first episode I watched at the same time you guys were able to. . .so I wasn't as prepared to see it! Haha.

First of all, Brett (my date from the double date), is a TOTAL sweetheart. Seriously, he really was! I gotta be honest too, I wasn't the best date considering I was about to fall asleep and we did have another couple with us having the time of their lives! Haha! So, on his behalf, he really was a cool dude (and a cute one too!). I appreciate him being such a great sport. . .even when I wasn't! LOL.

Then there's DIFFA. Man, Drew really did a great job and he had a couple of scenes in that episode that almost made me tear up. . .Go Drew! I felt his honesty and sincerity 100 percent, and that's one thing I really love about him. Thanks for that, Drew!

My DIFFA experience was great from a certain standpoint considering it was for such a great cause, and a little iffy when it came to Matt (even though I do love Matt!). He was out of line though. Either way, you'll have to wait and see how things turn out next week. (Honestly, I can't wait to see, cause I'm not sure how they do!)

Thanks everyone for your love and support. . .I'm writing this blog with my little one hanging on my leg (LOL) so it's time for me to go now! Lots of love and positivity to you all!!


Neill Skylar 

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