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I Have Not Had a Single Bad Hair Day Since I Started Using This Pillowcase

Yes, really. 

By Talia Ergas

Here's how my mornings always go: My alarm goes off 45 minutes before I need to leave my apartment for work. I snooze it for 10 minutes. Then, it goes off again, and I snooze for another five minutes. And I snooze it again for five minutes one last time. Finally, I begrudgingly roll out of bed a measly 25 minutes before I need to leave home.

Needless to say, I am not a morning person. And I have ZERO time for doing my hair in the morning. 

Because of this, I've grown accustomed to washing and blow drying my hair at night (because there's really no way to get that and everything else done in 25 minutes) — but it's always a crapshoot. There have been magical mornings when I've woken up with pretty good hair after apparently managing to sleep in a single position all night. But most of the time, I would wake up with awful bed hair that I'd have to quickly shove into a messy topknot before rushing out the door. 

That is, until recently. I haven't had a single bad hair day in months. (Yup, that's true.) And I owe it all to my new silk pillowcase by SlipSilk.

The fact that sleeping on a silk pillowcase has amazing beauty benefits isn't really news. I've heard countless times that silk pillowcases eliminate bed head and are great for your skin (cotton pulls moisture from your face, while silk is hydrating). But finding the perfect pillowcase is another story. 

I've tried multiple cheaper versions of silk-like pillowcases, and they just don't cut it. Many of them even made my head sweat during the night which is definitely NOT good for morning hair. Slip's version may be a touch pricey, but I found it worth the splurge. 

Ever since I started sleeping with my Slip pillowcase, I wake up in the morning and my hair looks exactly the same as it did the night before. In fact, sometimes it even looks better. I can't honestly say I've noticed a big difference in my skin, but the effects on my hair have been legitimately life-changing. And now, whenever I travel, I BYOP (bring my own pillowcase) because the thought of sleeping on another fabric and waking up with deflated, crumpled hair is just not happening. Also, I bring my own Slip sleep mask, because if the skin benefits are real, I'm not taking any chances. 

One last thing, not to be overlooked: Silk is the (literal) coolest fabric ever. You're always sleeping on the cool side of the pillow. If that's not #sleepgoals, then I don't know what is. 

Slip Silk Pillowcase

The 100 percent silk pillowcase comes in nine colors including caramel, black, pink, red, charcoal, silver, gold, navy, peach, and white. 

Slip Silk Sleep Mask

The 100 percent silk sleep mask comes in the same nine colors as the pillowcase. 

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