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Do You Sleep With a Snorer? This Smart Device Is Going to Save Your Relationship

Cure snoring in a totally non-invasive way.

By Courtney Thompson

If you’re in a relationship with someone who snores, then you’ve definitely had the fight. You know the one. It’s 2 a.m., they’re snoring and you’re wide awake because of it. You’re frustrated, and they feel badly and try to lay in a different way to make it stop. Or they go sleep in a different room (or you do). And then you wake up, forgive each other in the light of day … only to do the same dance again the very next evening.

Here’s the thing: Neither of you are getting a good night’s sleep. This has nothing to do with your mattress or pillow or blanket, and it has everything to do with the snorer’s irregular breathing patterns at night. And you’re not alone! According to the National Sleep Foundation, 90 million American adults are snorers. Um, guys … that’s 40 percent of the population.

While there are lots of snoring solutions out there — from surgery and oxygen masks to dentures and chin straps — most have a degree of invasiveness that sends your snorer running for the hills. But there’s a new solution out there that will give you and your beloved Snuffleupagus a better night’s sleep with zero pinching, prodding or, in my case whispered, angry yelling at 2 a.m.

Called Smart Nora, the product is a smart device comprised of three pieces that work hand in hand (in hand). Nora is the egg-shaped listening gadget that you place on your nightstand or stick to your headboard that detects snoring at its earliest and quietest stage (Read: Before it wakes you, the co-sleeper!). Once activated, Nora triggers its pump, which begins silently inflating and deflating its pillow insert, gently moving the snorer’s head and neck, ideally without waking them. Why does this work? According to Nora, the slight motion stimulates the snorer’s throat muscles, which then allows natural breathing to occur and the snoring to stop.

The million dollar question is, does it actually work? Back story: My husband is an intermittent snorer so I handed the device over to my parents, whom I’ve heard arguing about my dad’s chronic, louder-than-loud snoring since I was in the single digits. According to my mom, my dad can wake up the neighbors with his deafening snores. According to my dad, my mom is exaggerating. Despite their myriad anti-snoring purchases, nothing has solved this decades-long debate. Until now.

The first night that Smart Nora activated, the pumping — as quiet as it may be — woke my father up. It wasn’t so much the sound that awakened him, but rather the inflation, which ranges between three to four inches in height. That said, after one night, he adapted to his new, pillow-shifting normalcy and began sleeping through night. With no snoring. And while we’d love to know how he felt (“Refreshed!”), what we really want to do is verify his story … with my mom, of course.

“It works,” she said. “We’ve been trying gimmick after gimmick for years. This is the first gadget that’s actually worked. We’re actually sleeping through the night, undisrupted, in the same bed.”

And they're not the only ones. Smart Nora has thousands of testimonials from couples who have faced the same relationship-grinding battle, and have happily had the same results.

More to know: Smart Nora allows users to sleep in any position throughout the night, and it comprises a battery that can hold a 24-hour charge. While I love me an app, I appreciate that this product runs without one — the listening device turns on with the press of a button. Because, let's face it, if something goes wrong in the middle of the night the last thing you want to do is find your phone and fiddle with an app setting. Smart Nora also has several sensitivity levels (the company recommends medium), and it can also be turned on with a 30-minute delay so that you have time to fall asleep before it starts detecting sound and inflating.

Beyond that, not that we need to tell y’all (but we will), deep sleep is crazy important! It means more REM cycles, which directly results in more energy, less depression, more productivity, better skin and overall health among many, many other positives. For $299, Smart Nora is the answer to the snoring conundrum you and your partner find yourselves in. It brings you the sleep salvation you’ve been praying for in a way that is gentle and effective for all involved. Shop the device below and get yourselves on the road to a good night’s sleep. (For real this time.)

Smart Nora

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