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10 Ways 'My Fab 40th' Fills Your 'My Super Sweet 16' Void

From celeb guests to grand entrances to major meltdowns, 40 is definitely the new 16. 

You're Invited to 'My Fab 40th!'
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If you’re like us, you’ve had something missing in your life for the past few years. Birthday candles cast a glimmer of it – gifts start to give you that feeling again, but something just isn’t quite right. Yes, we all have been mourning the loss of My Super Sweet 16 for far too long now. Just when you thought all was lost, Bravo is here to save the day – much like when that celebrity guest arrived at the last minute to serenade a bunch of overdressed (or was it underdressed?) 16-year-olds. We present My Fab 40th premiering Tuesday August 25th at 10/9c. Everything you loved about My Super Sweet 16 is back and more fabulous than ever as 39-year-olds take the plunge into 40-dom. From celeb guests to grand entrances, to major meltdowns, 40 is definitely the new 16. 

Check out the list below for the over-the-top "Super Sweet" moments on My Fab 40th

1. Finding the perfect party outfit and, of course, the outfit changes.

The drama that came with finding the perfect party outfit for the sweet 16ths is still there for the 40ths - and so are the outfit changes, naturally. Because why stress over looking good once when you can several times throughout your birthday?

2. The invitations.

Everyone knows that the invite sets the precedent for just how "super" the party will be. If the invitations aren't on point, goodbye popularity - or turning 40 fabulously. 

3. The demands.

If you thought 16-year-olds had high demands, just wait for the 40ths. Amongst the list this season? The reverand Al Sharpton marrying you, jets and oh, an engagement ring. Yeah, the stakes get a little higher in your 40s. 

4. The grand entrances.

From being carried in by men to arriving on the arm of Rihanna, the grand entrances are some of the most memorable parts of My Super Sweet 16. So, of course, the grand entrances for My Fab 40th are just as, well, grand. 

5. The cake.

If you thought cake tasting was just for weddings, think again. My Fab 40th keeps with the Super Sweet 16 tradition of some epic desserts. This one is on fire - literally.

6. The themes.

Is it really a birthday celebration without a theme? We know from My Super Sweet 16 that is most definitely not. And My Fab 40th is no different. With 'The Great Gatsby' and 'Hunger Games' amongst the bunch, these 40th theme parties are fiercely fun.  


7. The celebs.

Celebs really bring your party from "Sweet" to "Super Sweet" and "40th" to "Fab 40th." With Reverend Al Sharpton, LaLa Anthony, and country star Karen Waldrup amongst the list, turning 40 is definitely an all star event. 

8. The entertainment.

If you know My Super Sweet 16, you know there were some interesting performances. With spoken word poetry, opera singers, and body contortionists, My Fab 40th is just as eccentically entertaining. 

9. The big budgets.

Part of the fun of 'My Super Sweet 16' was our eyeballs popping out of our heads realizing just how super the budget was! Well get prepared to do a few more spit-takes as these budgets are well into the $100,000s! That's a lot of cake...

10. The meltdowns.

Last, but certainly not least, the epic meltdowns you remember so fondly from angsty teens turning 16 are alive and well as our guests of honor turn 40. What can go so wrong? Well, apparently a lot. From band cancellations, decor not being delivered and just a whole lotta feels bubbling up about being the big 4-0, it's quite an emotional ride. And we are way on board. 

Don't forget to RSVP and tune to My Fab 40th Tuesdays at 10/9c!

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