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S1 - E6

Ep 6: You are So Different Now

After 7 months of marriage, communication is at an all-time low. Jeff meets with an attorney and is surprised to find that Blair is earning equity in Jeff's house. In turn, Blair is enraged that Jeff would conspire with a lawyer behind his back. Tarz and Tina have planned a nude photo shoot to celebrate their newlywed year but Tina insists on sparkles and feathers. The photographer and Tarz object –- will Tina ever let her inner self be “exposed?” Despite his usual stoicism, Alaska gets sentimental reminiscing about his mom and finally trusts Kim enough to allow for a crack in his armor. John gets frazzled by an emergency at the salon and Kathryn is irritated that she does not have more freedom to handle the business in her own way.

Aired: 06/10/2013