Fatima Ali

Current Residency: New York, NY
Occupation: Chef

Fueled by an intrinsic passion for food and cooking, Fatima Ali begged her parents to allow her to attend culinary school. After a long battle she won their approval, along with her mother's caveat, that if she was going to be a chef, she had to be the best. At age 18, Fatima left her hometown in Pakistan to pursue her dream of becoming a chef and enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America. Upon graduation, she found her home with the Patina Restaurant Group in New York City, starting as a Junior Sous Chef at Cafe Centro. After eighteen months, she climbed the ranks to serve as Executive Sous Chef at their new Italian restaurant establishment at Macy's Stella 34, becoming the youngest chef to hold that title in the company. She moved on to work as an Executive Sous Chef at La Fonda Del Sol. Currently, Fatima is working on opening her own restaurant. She wants to pioneer the movement of eclectic, modern Pakistani cuisine, melding the bold flavors and spices she grew up on, with the modern techniques of her training. Her ferocious quest for excellence led her to become the first Pakistani woman to ever win on Chopped. Chef Fatima strives to be a role model to all young women from her country and hopes her determination and successes can serve as proof that any goal is attainable, as long as you push hard for what you believe in and always remember who you are.