Grayson Schmitz

AGE: 28
PROFESSION: Olivier Cheng Catering and Events, recipe development

Grayson’s passion for food, people, and the simple joy in life is apparent in everything that she does, from her drive of pleasing people through cooking, to her contagious laughter and the humor she brings with her in every situation. Hailing from the small town of New Holstein, Wisconsin, she has a strong foundation of family and Midwestern values, as well as a healthy affinity for cheese and beer. Grayson migrated to the East Coast to pursue her schooling in the culinary arts. After graduating from the CIA, she spent her formative years training under the best chefs in the city, including Jean Georges Vongerichten, Fabbio Trabocchi, and Kurt Gutenbrunner. She now heads up recipe development for the most celebrated events catering company in the city, Olivier Cheng.