Justin Sutherland

Current Residency: St. Paul, MN
Occupation: Executive Chef, Handsome Hog

Hailing from St. Paul, MN, Justin Sutherland spent his childhood in the kitchen learning from his mother and grandmother. Growing up his favorite TV show was “Yan Can Cook” and on his fifth birthday he asked for an easy bake oven. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Atlanta, he moved back home to hone his skills in some of Minneapolis’ top restaurants including Meritage and Brasserie Zentral.  Sutherland is currently the Owner sand Executive Chef of two restaurants in the Minneapolis area, Handsome Hog & Pearl and the Thief.  He recently competed and won on “Iron Chef America.” Justin is fearless in his craft, is dedicated to discipline, and never settles for anything but the best.