Top Chef Season 20 Luciana Berry

Luciana Berry

HOMETOWN: Salvador in Bahia, Brazil
OCCUPATION/PROFESSION: Owner, Catering on the Hill
LAST SEASON: Winner, “Top Chef Brazil,” Season 2

Luciana Berry was the winner of the second season of “Top Chef Brazil.” She runs her own private catering company called Catering on the Hill and cooking sauce brand called BerryBartt. Originally from Bahia, Brazil, she left for London in 2004 to attend school for electrical engineering. She quickly switched gears as her time in school fueled her true passion for cooking as she shared her favorite Brazilian dishes with friends and neighbors. Luciana also serves as an Ambassador of Brazilian cuisine in Europe, showcasing the exotic flavors and ingredients that are integral to Brazilian cuisine. She often caters for the Brazilian Embassy, Brazilian tourism board, corporate events and private dinner parties. During her spare time, she also writes recipes for Bossa Brazil magazine in the UK.