Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8 Natalya

Natalya Scudder

•    Hometown: Perth, Western Australia 
•    Birth date: March 15  
•    Zodiac sign: Pisces 
•    Years of experience in the yachting industry: Eight
•    Favorite off-boat activities: Creating art, planning events for family and friends, cooking, and movie days 
•    What do you do in your off time on the boat? Spend time with family and travel with friends!
•    Special skills: Can make the most boring things fun. 
•    Who do you miss most from home when you’re traveling for work? My little niece and nephew!
•    Favorite place you’ve been on charter/place you traveled? Costa Rica and Raja Ampat 
•    What was your first impression of Mustique? Wide boat, lots of storage, fun crew!