Bdm S9 1200x1200 Aesha

Aesha Scott

Hometown: Tauranga, New Zealand   

Birthdate: Nov. 27 Read more

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius    

Years of experience in yachting: 8 

Favorite off-boat activities: I love hiking, yoga, and reading. Additionally, I love sipping a cocktail in the sun while reading a book. It’s probably my favorite activity. 

What do you do in your off time in your room on the boat? I’m usually so busy going over orders or preferences for the next charter guests. I try to send a message to Scott or nap if I can. Even 10 minutes of closed eyes is a dream.   

What is the best place on the boat to find privacy? Privacy doesn’t really exist on a boat. Cleaning a guest bathroom is probably the most privacy I’ll get, and I often enjoy quiet time in there. Otherwise, when I’m in the shower.    

What’s one thing about working and living on a boat that would surprise people? Stews don’t spend much time outside. When you finish a season people are always shocked that we aren’t tan. “But you work on a boat?!” We work inside and don’t see much sun and definitely don’t swim until the season is over.    

Sum up this season in three words: Management skills tested.