Rhonj Season 13 Rachel

Rachel Fuda

As a mom of three, Rachel has two kids under 2 years old plus a hormonal 15-year-old stepson. A college graduate with dual degrees, Rachel works full time for her and husband John’s fast-growing business, Valet King. In addition, they’re both heavily involved in John’s family's company, Fuda Tile. Rachel and Melissa became friends after Melissa’s son, Gino, and Rachel’s stepson, Jaiden, became tight at school. When Rachel came into Jaiden’s life, she took over as the maternal figure and credits Jaiden with being someone who opened her heart in a way she could never have imagined. Rachel is under a lot of stress and deals with more than most 30-year-old women. Due to this, she finds herself more involved with older friends since they can relate. She met Brittany, Frank’s girlfriend, at the gym, and the two women built a friendship while both being trained by Frank.