Below Deck Med Season 7 Headshot Reid Jenkins

Reid Jenkins

Born and raised in Decatur, Ala., Reid Jenkins knew from an early age that there was more to life than his small hometown and its two-lane roads. After changing his major several times in college and surviving a short stint in Washington, D.C., Reid set out to find a career that would pay well and include traveling around the world. With over three years of experience in the yachting and marine industry, Reid isn’t afraid of the blood, sweat and tears that yachting entails. Never one to stand around, he’s always itching for action and the chance to pitch in to get things done. Now, Reid works as a captain for small yacht deliveries, freelances for deckhand gigs and aspires to run his own yacht surveying firm with his father. When he’s off charter, Reid enjoys running, scuba diving and volunteering, previously serving on a volunteer board of directors for a baseball league for kids with disabilities.