Ron Eyester

Ron Eyester has made a name for himself as an innovative chef who is constantly seeking out superior quality ingredients and presenting those ingredients in a creative, yet approachable manner.  You may have also encountered his alter ego on Twitter as TheAngryChef, Ron's entertaining and humorous perspective on restaurant etiquette. Ron’s restaurants and his commitment to serving the local community with his restaurants have rejuvenated the Morningside neighborhood.  Ron’s larger-than-life personality has enabled him to establish sustainable relationships with his vendors, guests and staff. Ron has recently expanded his empire (which currently includes Rosebud, The Family Dog, and Timone's) to Atlanta’s urban Atlantic Station with his twist on a classic diner. Opening in September 2014, Diner is inspired by his childhood years spent in New York, where he has many fond memories of eating at neighborhood diners. Ron’s restaurant journey has been a bit unconventional to say the least, but the many twists and turns have certainly had a dynamic influence on his cooking style and his outlook on food in general. Although Ron deems working in his restaurants as more of a lifestyle rather than an actual job, when Ron is not in his restaurants, which is rare, he enjoys spending time with his two children, Mydland and Cassidy. Stay tuned for where the Angry Chef will be next.