Tammy Knickerbocker

Tammy Knickerbocker used to live in one of the biggest house in the gated community, but that was before she and her late husband, Lou, lost their fortune from their lucrative business. Lou's recent death has left Tammy trying to keep it together for her family. She has reunited all her children into her home and is concentrating on moving forward, helping her daughters adjust to life without their father. She is also embarking on a new marketing business venture called Veriya with her two daughters, Megan and Lindsey. Megan has moved back in with Tammy and is currently going to school to become a nurse, while also working with her mother and sister launching their marketing company. She considers herself an O.C. rebel and even moved to the Inland Empire for a while, but is now back in town and trying to forge a place for herself in the O.C.

This year Lindsey is working hard, not only with her mother and sister as the spokesmodel for Veriya, but also at an energy drink company and a clothing company. On top of this, she is attending school part time. Lindsey is adjusting to her family's new lifestyle, adapting to not being as wealthy as they once were and missing her old activities, including her horses and equestrian competitions.

The only man in their lives is Ryley, Tammy's son with former boyfriend. Duff. Ryley is now five and in kindergarten. Duff is dating again and moving on with his life.