Whitney Sudler-Smith

Whitney Sudler-Smith is a filmmaker, classically trained guitarist, and bon vivant. Having spent the last 17 years living and working in Los Angeles, Sudler-Smith has honed his special talents towards the dark side by composing brilliant screenplays and ingenious independent films that few will see; having directed the small films Going for Baroque and Afternoon Delight, Whitney went on to direct Bubba and Ike, the redneck buddy comedy that wowed audiences at the Austin Film Festival, and the TV pilot Torture TV, starring Danny Huston. Sudler-Smith's crowning achievement thus far has been directing the film Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston, about the infamous fashion designer and decadent '70s. The film has been distributed theatrically worldwide, and can be currently seen on Showtime. In his spare time, Sudler-Smith likes to read, play guitar, bend time, and play tennis.