Couples Who Sleep in This Position Have a Ton of Sex

Couples Who Sleep in This Position Have a Ton of Sex

Yes, apparently how you sleep can affect your sex life. 

By Marianne Garvey

One thousand people in relationships were asked if certain sleeping positions lead to more sex in the bedroom, and well, the answer was a solid yes.

Couples who cuddle facing each other with limbs intertwined have the most sex, the new survey found.

“The way a couple shares a bed echoes the dynamics of their relationship. Intimacy, independence, selfishness, sacrifice — it’s all lurking right there under the covers,” reports the findings.

The study looked at sleep quality, sex lives, and relationship satisfaction to understand the link between successfully sharing a bed and staying happy with a partner.

While most respondents liked having some space to themselves when sleeping, for both men and women, the most popular position involved partners sleeping on their sides facing away from each other, with a small amount of space between their bodies.

The second and third favored positions for both genders also involved partners lying on their sides, intimate spooning with the man in the outside position ranked second for female respondents, but male participants ranked spooning with a little more space between partners second overall.

Many women loathed taking on “big spoon” duties in bed. Guys hated lying on their backs with their partner curled supine on top of them. Female respondents were more likely to disdain sleep in opposite directions, though, whereas men didn’t appreciate the face-to-face embrace.

It was also discovered that couples change their positions in bed overnight 76.5 percent of the time. Space between sleepers increased during the night, and 18.6 percent who slept this way ended up with the male partner sleeping on his stomach far below his pillow, and the woman lying on her back.

“Spooners were the least likely to maintain their original arrangement, with more than a third flipping to face away from each other during the night,” reports the study.

Among those who said they were “well-rested,” 95.9 percent said they also felt satisfied with their current romance. “Multiple explanations might account for this trend: Perhaps those unhappy with their partner have more difficulty sleeping due to the resulting stress,” says the study.

And the position that inspired physical intimacy most often?

“Positions that already involved quite a bit of contact translated to sex most easily. The sleeping arrangement most correlated with sex featured couples facing each other with limbs intertwined. Close spooning with the man on the outside took second place.”

For those lacking a sex life, almost one in four of the couples asked were sleeping in separate rooms. Snoring was the top culprit.

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