How Can You Really Find the *Right* Mom Friends?

How Can You Really Find the *Right* Mom Friends?

Whitney Port recently found herself subjected to "mom bullies" — but it is possible to find the right mom friend group.

By Marianne Garvey
Whitney Port Mom Shamed

The Hills alum Whitney Port, mom to 20-month-old Sonny, revealed that she recently felt bullied by fellow moms at an event in Los Angeles.

In an installment of her YouTube Series "I Love My Baby But…" she explained: "I went in with a good attitude, I walked out feeling a little bit insecure. There were a lot of moms that I knew. I approached two specifically… and I got the same reaction from both of them which was, ‘I really cannot be bothered talking to you right now’ and they were trying to back out of the conversation as quickly as they could."

She continued, "Ever since I was in middle school, I've always felt like I just wasn't quite cool enough to be in the cool group. I didn't want to be in the cool group, but I wanted to be considered in the cool group, do you know what I mean? I think it's gotten magnified by the fact that... I've been on a reality TV show and I think that a lot of these especially L.A. girls don't think it's cool.

I don't know whether they're embarrassed by me, or just think I'm trashy or cheesy or whatever, but this is the vibe that I'm getting... I can physically feel them inching away from me. It’s especially hard when you’re a new mother and you really want to put yourself out there because this is the time to make lifelong relationships."

Lyss Stern, CEO Divamoms, mom of three and best selling author of Motherhood is a B#tch, knows a thing or two about mom bullying and not being inclusive.

"You would think bullying would stop in high school and college — however, it sometimes more often then not goes on in the mommy world and on the playground and mommy and me classes between the moms," she told Personal Space.

Stern built her business 15 years ago for moms everywhere to have a place where all moms can go and be themselves without any negative judgment.

"It's a place and community to be yourself," she told Personal Space. "I cannot stand the mommy judgement. We are all equal," she added.

In fact, her book is about her journey of reclaiming her life back after her third daughter was born and learning to say no to everyone that wanted to weigh in on her parenting style. 

"There were the 'mean mommies' that would continue to ask me when I was 'due' already knowing my daughter was 1 and I had not lost the body weight," she said. "Whitney should surround herself with real friends and nice friends that have your back. Keep your mommy circle nice and tight. Don’t ever feel like you have to apologize to these 'mean moms' and just ignore them. Something is obviously bothering them inside and it usually stems from jealousy. Keep your head high and move on from them. Soon enough, you won’t even remember their names."

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