Now "Micro-Cheating" Is a Thing ... Can't We Do Anything Anymore?

Now "Micro-Cheating" Is a Thing ... Can't We Do Anything Anymore?

A little like here, a comment there ... next thing you know you're divorced. 

By Marianne Garvey

Tiny homes, small apartment living, now introducing micro-cheating.

Well, what the hell is it?

“Micro-cheating is a series of seemingly small actions that indicate a person is emotionally or physically focused on someone outside their relationship," relationship expert Melanie Schilling tells Huffington Post Australia.

These can include the following: saying you’re single when you’re not, hitting up an ex on social media, or consistently texting someone you are attracted to without your partner knowing.

Like pot, (LOL) experts say it’s a “gateway drug” to cheating, eventually leading to smoking crack, the equivalent of a full-blown physical marital affair. Depends how frequently you micro-cheat, and how far you take it.

The main issue, experts say, is that you’re lying to your partner and not being loyal to the relationship. Accuse your partner of acting shady, and you’re crazy. They’re hiding something, you know it, and the downward spiral begins. And there’s no “harmless” form of micro-cheating. If you can’t tell your partner, it’s wrong.

A social media wandering eye can be fixed though, and the relationship can be saved, if nothing physical actually happened.

According to The Independent, psychologist Dr Martin Graff, from the University of South Wales, says “all it now requires is the click of a computer button for a partner to be considered unfaithful — and with all the same consequences as a full-blown affair.”

Seems reasonable.

“In short showing a high level of ‘digital’ interest in someone outside the existing relationship can constitute micro-cheating,” they report. “It can be something as simple as repeatedly 'liking' someone's posts on Instagram or commenting on someone's Facebook.”

Psychology Today says if you are able to disclose these digital messages to your partner and it’s OK, then all good. But, if you’re “giving all your heart and playful emojis to someone outside your significant relationship,” there’s trouble brewing.


“This can be a first sign of being too emotionally close to someone who's not your romantic partner,” Psychology Today says, “Another clue is, are you disclosing information that should be shared privately with your partner instead but due to your own fears of intimacy and/or desire for romantic thrills, you are pouring out your heart to another?”

Coming clean is the best way to stop micro-cheating in its tracks, and if you’ve engaged in the behavior and love your partner, stop now.

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