These Are People’s Biggest Wedding Day Regrets…Does Who They Married Fall on That List?

These Are People’s Biggest Wedding Day Regrets…Does Who They Married Fall on That List?

I do ... regret that dress though. 

By Marianne Garvey
What's MJ's Huge Regret About Her Wedding Ceremony?

“Best day of my life,” is what most people say about their wedding day — but guess what? They’re lying.

Most people asked in a survey about wedding day regrets if they would change anything said hell yes. Two thousand people who married in or after 2010 and found that 76 percent would do something different because they weren’t digging it on their big day.

Most regrets? How couples spent their money.

Of the couples asked, most wished they spent more on their honeymoon, rings, and photographer. They wished they spent less on their wedding gown and invitations.

Half of those asked said they blew money on nonsense and would have saved it for the future. Because of mistakes made, 42 percent of people said they weren't able to enjoy their own wedding.

At the time they were spending, most couples went for a Saturday wedding (75 percent), in the summer (35 percent), and in the hometown of the couple (52 percent), with an average bridal party size of eight. While 70 percent end up spending less than $25,000 on their nuptials, only 52 percent claimed to stay on budget, with 28 percent spending more than intended.

Almost half of those surveyed (40 percent) said that they split the cost of the wedding with their partner, and found later that it was important to not skimp on the things that last long after the celebration itself (pictures, honeymoon). Extra details, such as bridal party gifts, a rehearsal dinner and a wedding planner were thought to not be necessary expenses. In fact, 50 percent said they would have instead saved that money instead.

Nearly half (47 percent) of the respondents said they should have enjoyed their wedding more and wish they invited more people to the party. But overall, 90 percent of those asked agreed that the good parts of the day outweighed the regrettable parts.

Cheers to that!

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