This Woman Was 6 1/2 Months Pregnant When Her Boyfriend Cheated: "I Know Exactly How Khloe Feels"

This Woman Was 6 1/2 Months Pregnant When Her Boyfriend Cheated: "I Know Exactly How Khloe Feels"

"Your first thoughts are dark, but you get through it," Jenny Rossini-Cherrier says.

By Marianne Garvey

New York City-based power publicist Jenny Rossini-Cherrier was having an easy pregnancy — she was glowing, healthy, and happy in her relationship with her partner, Chris. Or so she thought.

While not married, the duo had set up house and the baby on the way was their third together. They were also raising a little boy and a little girl, 5 and 3. The kids had everything; a huge backyard, lots of love from family, two dogs, countless toys, their own bedrooms, a pool. Call it a dream childhood — complete with an strong mom, thankfully, because without warning, well, Jenny’s worst nightmare came true. It started with a phone call, late one weekday afternoon.

“I’ll never forget it,” she tells Personal Space. “I remember the day, the time, I picked up my cell and I was in the kitchen and he says, ‘We have to talk.’ I jokingly said, ‘What? Why, you meet someone?’ and he was silent. My heart fell out of my chest. I said ‘What?’ and he said he was coming to the house to talk to me.”

What she thought had been a boys fishing trip that weekend had actually been her partner on a mission to cheat, which quickly turned into him packing up and leaving the family, and her, (yes, that fast) at nearly seven months pregnant, for a woman he met out drinking at a bar. 

“He said he fell in love, I was in shock,” she says, revealing that like any couple, there had been problems, but at worst she thought he’d maybe cheat, get it out of his system, and their family would recover and move forward. "I had kids to worry about, if he wanted to act like an a--hole, I wasn't going to babysit him too."

Instead he began a “whole new life” with the random woman, packing his things, moving out, then moving in with her, and battling Jenny over when to see the kids and how he would support the family. Not to mention how involved this stranger, his new partner, would get with her children. 

And while it’s different from what Khloe Kardashian is experiencing in many ways (it’s Khloe’s first baby, she has millions to support herself), Jenny says she knows exactly what the mom-to-be is going through emotionally.

“Honestly, the very first thing you think about is you’re having a baby with this guy and he’s leaving while I’m still pregnant … is ... 'is it too late to have an abortion?'" she says. “And that’s not reality, like I said, it’s just an honest thought. Because you’re so scared. And when that thought passes, because it does, you think ’I’m going to have it alone…no one will be there in the delivery room with me.”

Jenny says at first, she was in tears every night, lying awake, thinking, “Am I going to resent this baby because it’s his and I’m so angry right now?”

“You think, ‘How am I going to pay for everything, how can I do this alone, how can I be in the hospital alone?’” she says. "What happened? It's just me. How am I going to do this? But you're still pregnant and you're still having a baby, so you have to figure it out."

“And guess what?…That baby ends up saving your life,” she says.

“You quickly have a total shift in the way you are seeing things, you say ‘I’m gonna have this baby and I don’t have to deal with resentment towards him, worrying about him, cleaning, cooking, or care of him, because he left. And I started to feel relief.”

Jenny said the second the baby was born, she felt nothing but love and elation, because her baby boy “has nothing to do with him” now.

“What you wind up figuring out is, no matter what the circumstances are the kid will love you. He’ll know as an adult what happened and it won’t be my fault. I’m seeing him through the night when he’s sick, when he’s not sleeping, when he takes his first step, gets his first tooth, and this guy is running around missing every single milestone. He doesn’t see the little things, he won;t hear about his first kiss or know what music he loves. I have such a bond with this baby.”

As for Khloe, she professed publicly how badly she wanted a baby, that Jenny says any woman with that much of a maternal bug is gonna come through OK.

“Once you have the baby all women think the same thing,” she laughs. “You realize how much you don’t need the man, I mean maybe to take the garbage out or hand you a diaper, but they are pretty insignificant, especially if they mess up. She’s got this.”

Physically, she adds that Khloe is probably so stressed out that she needs to focus and breathe. “I was so stressed out from what happened, but I also had two other kids already. She’ll have no choice, you have to be a mom, you have to smile…and when you’re alone you scream and cry.”

Her anger will subside, Jenny says, “on one hand you’re so pissed and it’s so disgusting,” and any man who “doesn’t have the balls to at least see this through until she has the baby is not worth it,” but she’ll see that.

“You didn’t see the red flags, no one can predict when or if a guy would do this, it’s the worst thing a man could ever do to a woman, and Tristan probably has issues deeper than any therapist can help. You don’t see that right away, you’re too pissed, but the light is there.

“And if she wants to, once the baby is out and healthy, she can get out of this,” Jenny says, laughing that “the good news is every guy wants to save a single mother.”

“There are guys who don’t wanna date girls without kids because they don’t want the pressure of having kids or all the baby talk. Khloe’s eventually going to feel happier than she’s ever felt, she’ll be so busy being a mom, she’ll forget the anger and she’ll be so sleep-deprived she won’t have nightmares about this guy. Plus, she’s lucky it was a stripper and that he didn’t leave with someone he fell for emotionally. He got caught cheating, he’ll crawl back and then it’s up to her.”

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