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What Really Happens After You Get Dumped by the Kardashians?

Basically, you stand to make a lot of money if you take advantage of your time with the Kardashian family.

By Marianne Garvey
Jordyn Woods, Kris Humpries, Blac Chyna, Joyce Bonelli, Stephanie Shepherd

There's good news for Kardashian fans: Season 16 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is upon us. The show returns to E! on March 31, and we’re about to see Khloe Kardashian’s relationship with Tristan Thompson fall apart, the Jordyn Woods cheating scandal addressed, and Kim Kardashian’s house nearly burn down in the California wildfires.

"It's really hard to regain trust," Khloe says of the cheating scandal involving Tristan and Jordyn in a trailer for the new season. "Your one stupid weekend, you just demolish a relationship."

After Jordyn and Tristan kissed, friendships were destroyed and relationships ended — and the drama continues on for the family.

In the trailer, Kim also addresses a problem with someone nameless, telling husband Kanye West, "It's a full-time job warding off the negative people. I’m not going to be nice." It’s unclear for now who she is talking about — because it could be any number of people who have crossed the family. Or that's how they see it, anyway.

For years, we’ve watched the Kardashians cut off people who they feel have betrayed them in some way, which got us thinking, where are the people today who were once so close to the Kardashians? What happens when the family cuts you off? Must you join witness protection? Do you become a social media pariah?

Think again.

Sure, you get bullied on social media, lose money, endorsements and fame, and get publicly shamed for whatever it is you did. You may also have PTSD and need therapy, but there's major bank to be made. One prominent entertainment publicist (who has worked with the family over the years and would like to remain anonymous out of fear of Kris Jenner) gave Personal Space a very interesting take on what happens to the people who are left in the family’s wake.

“First of all, this family is so calculating I thought [the Jordyn-Tristan scandal] was a PR stunt for the new season. The timing was perfect and I wouldn’t put [it] past them,” the New York City-based publicist said. “As for the friends, if you go back and really look, they had a slew of friends that are no longer friends. But being cut out isn’t a bad thing — the Kardashians set up a platform for their friends when they really like them and whether or not you're still hanging around them, you’re now set to make millions.”

She explained:

Larsa Pippen is the latest, look at Jonathan Cheban, they’re examples of taking the platform and successfully pursuing it on their own.”  

The former Real Housewives of Miami’s Larsa is also the ex-wife of NBA star Scottie Pippen. She is still tight with the fam, currently appears on KUWTK, and has nearly 2 million Instagram followers. She gets paid to model swimwear and runs her fitness and nutrition site, Life With Larsa. It didn’t hurt that following her divorce, she moved in with Kourtney Kardashian. She also joined Kim and Kourtney on the short-lived Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.

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Miami heat. Swimsuit: @prettylittlething

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He's not been dumped, but the gold chicken wing-eating Jonathan Cheban is now known as Foodgod. He and Kim met when the two sat next to each other at a dinner party over a decade ago. He's remained loyal ever since, and being in their circle has gained him over 3 million followers on Instagram, where he can be seen eating anything and everything under the sun at the fanciest restaurants in the world. And he gets paid to do it.

Publicist Simon Huck (who can often be seen by Kourtney’s side on KUWTK) runs a wildly successful branding and marketing company called Command PR. He also appears on the new season of Bravo's Project Runway, presenting an art installation challenge to the contestants.

So what about people they no longer talk to?

“They need material and they need ratings,” the publicist continued. “It was OK for Scott Disick to mess up because he’s family. But Tristan, what he did to Khloe, you’re cut out. The rules are different depending on who you are, what you did, and how public you made it.”

Take the family’s former longtime makeup artist, Joyce Bonelli. After a public falling-out with the family in 2018, they all stopped following her on social media. Us Weekly reported at the time that the family “parted ways” with her and “doesn’t speak to her anymore" because she tried to go around them on a deal. Bonelli then took to Insta to post a pic of herself in a robe with the words, “F--k with me. I DARE YOU," written on it.

Don’t feel bad for her. Her styling and makeup business is thriving, she's landed major makeup campaigns, and she currently has 2 million Instagram followers. “Getting dumped by [them] definitely did not hurt Joyce. All that attention and camera time kicked her career up to where she’s very wealthy,” the publicist said.

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A post shared by JOYCE BONELLI TAVERNITI™️ (@joycebonelli) on

Monica Rose, the celebrity stylist who worked with the Kardashian-Jenner clan for years, left the gig under mysterious circumstances in May 2017. She knew the family before they were famous, was a frequent guest on family outings and vacations, and appeared regularly in their Snaps and on their Instagram accounts. After she left, they all unfollowed her. Then rumors surfaced that Monica charged clothes that she kept to the sisters's credit cards and kept expensive freebies meant to be delivered to the girls. Page Six reported that Khloe Kardashian was even considering a lawsuit.

Nearly two years later, all that really matters is that the family made MR famous. She currently styles Gigi Hadid and Kardashian BFF Chrissy Teigen, and in a final F you to the family, she has taken on Scott Disick’s girlfriend Sofia Richie as a client.

Kim’s ex-assistant Stephanie Shepherd began working for Kim in 2013 and was fired (on KUWTK) in November 2017. While a source told source People at the time it was  because she wanted a larger role in Kim’s businesses and wasn’t satisfied with her position, other reports say it ended badly.

Around that same time, Steph took to Insta stories to write something many assumed was about Kim. She said she had recently cut out a “toxic relationship” from her life and ditched a “bad friend” who didn’t care about her dreams and ambitions.

Today, Steph is still friends with Kourtney, dates Apple Music's head of content, Larry Jackson, and has 1.3 million Instagram followers. She also writes for Elle, models, designs a bohemian jewelry line, and gets paid as an Instagram influencer.

And then there's Blac Chyna. This one was so good it was insane. As Kim's former BFF, Chyna first made her way into the public consciousness with an eye-popping bod and an unusual look. She would "get caught" by paparazzi on her daily exercise outings with Kim, and the two were inseparable around 2013-2014. Chyna frequently popped up on KUWTK and she and her ex Tyga even attended Kim and Kanye's wedding in Italy.

But then, Kylie started dating Tyga and things turned ugly. Kim was forced to choose sides, Chyna's cut out. Chyna doesn't like that, so she plots the ultimate revenge. To the Kardash-Jenner family's horror, she goes and falls in love with rarely-seen Rob Kardashian in January 2016. They get engaged. And. Then. She. Gets. Pregnant. Enter Dream Kardashian.

After a series of dramatic events, in December 2016 Rob revealed on social media that Chyna had moved out and taken Dream with her. "I'm pretty upset and I'm pretty sad,” he said to his followers. After much back and forth, the two ended things for good in February 2017.

The two were also embroiled in a child support war, but Rob revealed it was recently dropped. 

“Angela the mother of my child whom I have a wonderful relationship with decided to drop the child support case because she felt it was in the best interest of our daughter,” he wrote on Twitter. “Reports of her wanting to have drinks was totally false and her being late was in reference to a prior meeting concerning our daughter. Please stop creating all these falsehoods concerning Angela [Chyna] and I."

Chyna parlayed all of the above into a net worth of $4 million. She currently makes $60,000 per month, mainly through personal appearances and social media endorsements. She has 15.2 million Instagram followers.

Sometimes, the hangers-on don’t take advantage of their platform and they fall off the map.

Remember Kim's former BFF Brittny Gastineau? A longtime friend of the family, she was given her own E! show along with her mom Lisa Gastineau, called Gastineau Girls, which ran for two seasons starting in 2005. The two briefly fell out when Kim married Kris Humphries in 2011 and Brittny “ran into” Extra cameras at The Grove in Los Angeles, telling them the wedding was “definitely not staged.” Whoops. Kim didn’t like her speaking for her and things have never quite been the same between the two. Brittny did attend Kim and Kanye’s wedding, though, and she is still friendly with Kourtney.

Speaking of Kris Humphries, the now-retired NBA player who was married to Kim for 72 days, just wrote about the experience for The Players Tribune, calling the fallout so "brutal" it gave him major anxiety.

He wrote:

"I was playing at Madison Square Garden for the first time after my marriage ended, and I was getting booed so loud that it was crazy. I’m talking feel-it-in-your-bones booed ... I wasn’t Kris Humphries any more. I wasn’t a real person. I was That Guy ... I met a girl who happened to be really famous, and I got married, and.…. Damn ... Look, I should have known what I was getting into. I was definitely naive about how much my life was going to change. But the one thing that really bothers me is whenever people say that my marriage was fake ... There’s definitely a lot about that world that is not entirely real. But our actual relationship was 100% real. When it was clear that it wasn’t working … what can I say? It sucked. It’s never easy to go through the embarrassment of something like that — with your friends, with your family…. But when it plays out so publicly, in front of the world, it’s a whole other level. It was brutal ... I’ll be honest, I dealt with a lot of anxiety, especially in crowds. There was about a year where I was in a dark place. I didn’t want to leave my home. You feel like … I don’t know … the whole world hates you, but they don’t even know why. They don’t even know you at all. They just recognize your face, and they’re on you."

As for Jordyn Woods, in the two weeks following the cheating scandal, the 21-year-old model and former best friend of Kylie has gained almost a million new followers on Instagram. According to web data site CrowdTangle, her count had risen from 8 million to 8.9 million in that short time. In September 2018, she told The Hollywood Reporter that she learned everything she knows from Kylie. “I just learned [from Kylie] how to be an entrepreneur,” she said. “Her work ethic is unmatchable, so I definitely have been inspired by her.”

She is definitely taking advantage of her time with the family, launching a line of "size-inclusive sportswear [which] includes windbreaker pants, bodysuits, sports bras and a birthday collection (featuring waist training shorts, leggings, biker suits, bras and more)." Jordyn modeled the clothes herself in a successful Instagram campaign. She's also started a lash line and says she wants to record music next.

She is currently at 9.6 million Instagram followers and climbing.

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