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What the Heck is Friend Probation? Because D’Andra Simmons Is On It

One of the RHOD ladies is getting a friendship time-out.

By Marianne Garvey
D'Andra Simmons Wants Kameron Westcott to Stay Out of It

D’Andra Simmons has been put on “friend probation." The only problem is, she doesn’t know what it is, so what is going on here?

Well, after some heated moments with Kameron Westcott during The Real Housewives of DallasCopenhagen trip, she's been put in a time out from her relationship with Kameron.

A friendship time out is actually a positive thing to do if you don't want to entirely end a friendship, said psychologist and friendship expert, Irene S. Levine PhD.

"It's hard to end friendships, and often people aren't sure about whether it's something they really want to do. Taking a break can be helpful because it allows time for angry feelings to defuse," she said.

Take the time apart to recover and then reconnect.

"If your friend has done something egregious, you might just say that you need some time apart to recover and decide whether the friendship is worth saving. Doing that gives your friend the message that the breach was something serious and might encourage him/her to do things differently."

There are some signs to look for if you think you do need a friendship break, reports Psychology Today.

"Do I avoid calls, ignore texts, or frequently cancel out on plans with this friend? Do I feel better or worse after spending time with this friend? Do I ever find myself wondering how I ever ended up in a friendship with this person in the first place?"

Lastly, never take the break while you're full of anger.

"Instead of jumping into a long, emotional discussion, try writing down a few things that you want to say. Sticking calmly to these points will allow for options in the future," said one expert.

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