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Casey: Loyal is Royal to Me

Casey explains why she participated in Erica's intervention.

By Casey Cohen

“Loyalty and Friendship, which is the same, created all the wealth that I’ve ever thought I’d have.” –Ernie Banks

Friendship is built on foundations of loyalty, trust, respect, and honesty. Being loyal is something I don't take lightly. It's really important to be loyal to those that deserve it. Loyalty can be exerted in friendships and even the work environment. For example, I've worked for the hospitality company, The Butter Group, for over nine years.

I don't take the term “best friend” lightly. In fact, I've  had the same best friend since I was four years old, and 25 years later we are still just as close. Chanel is one of my best friends, and she was worried about Erica’s well-being after she wasn’t showing up for her when Chanel needed her. A friendship works both ways -- you can’t always expect to take without giving back in return. That being said, I’m not friends with Erica, but I put my differences with her aside and put myself in an uncomfortable position in hopes that I could be there for Chanel during this time. Going to Erica’s house was the most awkward and uncomfortable thing I've ever done. If I didn’t think Chanel needed me, I definently wouldn’t have gone, and hopefully it helped Erica in some capacity. It’s not my responsibility to tell Erica about a possible drinking problem -- this is on her at this point to take care of her well-being. A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else, and I do only want the best for Erica even though we aren’t friends. Regardless of how I felt, being uncomfortable and doing this for my best friend, Erica needs to remember that "Self-worth comes from one thing: thinking that you are worthy." -Wayne Dyer

On a happier note, I'm beyond grateful that Chanel introduced me to Ashlee. I trust Chanel's judgment with her friends, and Ashlee is so genuine. It's been amazing getting to know her and her family. As everyone knows, I'm working on my relationship with my father, and Hal (Ashlee's father) has gone above and beyond to make me feel part of their family. I'm really excited for everyone to see our friendship grow on the show and see why we are "sole"mates.

I'm also looking forward to everyone seeing my work environment and my job. Being referred to as a “table waitress” that goes to “art school” is ignorant. In fact, I paid my way through NYU graduate school where I earned my Master’s Degree in Art Education in hopes that I can become a voice in the art community. Education is very important to me and understanding how hard it was to pay my way through going to school while working at the same time is an experience I’m beyond grateful for. Most of the girls I work with at 1OAK have their Master’s Degrees and have other jobs to support themselves. That comment Erica made is so offensive towards the hospitality community because we all work. Try paying for your graduate school education at NYU by working all night and then talk to me.

Nothing GREAT ever came easy!

I’m so grateful, and I appreciate all the love and support I've been receiving. If you haven’t, follow me on Twitter and Instagram @CaseyLCohen so we can talk #princesses and more.

Xo, CC

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